Green Food Trail 2013


We hope that you enjoyed Didsbury Dinners’ second celebration of local, seasonal food, Green Food Trail, which ran from 7 to 8 September this year.

Here are some of the highlights from the Trail!


  • Free apple-jucing at Unicorn Grocery, Chorlton


  • Free family-friendly entertainment at Westcroft Community Centre, Burnage

Where you could:

* Find out how to turn just about any veg into a fantastic curry, and how to whip up tasty tapas.
* Pedal a bike-powered smoothie maker.
* Get answers to those burning food-growing questions.
* Enjoy live music from the talented Hugo Kensdale.
* Sign up for a free 6-week ‘learn to cook’ course.
* Find out about the benefits of bokashi and what Manchester Friends of the Earth have been doing to support local bee populations.
* Sign up to have affordable, fresh and seasonal veg delivered to your door.

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  • Free food harvesting with Abundance Manchester


  • Free community BBQ at Fletcher Moss Community Orchard, Didsbury

Gorgeous weather for Didsbury Greening and Growing Group’s community BBQ. Held at Fletcher Moss Community Orchard.


  • Blackberry-picking tea party at Barlow Moor Road Community Garden, Didsbury

Hope y’all enjoyed the Trail as much as we did!

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Thank you!


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And here is the programme if you haven’t seen it. Exciting!:

And HERE is the direct link.