Testimonials from vox pops and email feedback, Didsbury Food Trail 2012

Judy Robinson, Didsbury Greening and Growing Group
[Our Didsbury Food Trail event] went really well. About 50 people turned up and I had to go for more supplies! Great success. Thanks for all your hard work. You are amazing.
Debbie Clarke, Abundance Manchester
We had loads of people get in touch via your website about apple picking on Sunday [advertised as part of Didsbury Food Trail] – even more than we could cope with actually. About 8 people got in touch on top of our normal volunteers, each on behalf of 2-3 people, so loads! Those that we couldn’t fit in wanted to go on the mailing list for future weeks, so that’s great!
Marc Hudson, Former Didsbury resident and co-editor of Manchester Climate Monthly
I think Didsbury Dinners is a great project and is exactly the sort of thing that we in Manchester need, so that people can start to grow their own food, and then once they’ve grown it they know how to cook it so that it’s tasty and they want to eat it. Because what’s going to happen is that as climate change creeps in, food is going to get more and more expensive. It’s especially going to hurt people in low income families and we need to start learning the skills to grow our food and cook that food before those bad things happen. So more power to Didsbury Dinners!


Paul O’Grady, BBC Radio 2

I’m very happy to recognise the Didsbury Dinner ladies right here on the show and what a great idea to teach people how to cook on a low income. With all these cookery programmes on the telly you have to be a dollar millionaire to buy the products and have about 5 hours to prepare them!

Davina Parry, Volunteer community cookery champion for Didsbury Dinners
I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on some good local, seasonal produce, putting it together, making it taste fantastic and teaching some people in the community to do that. And so hopefully they can pass it on to their family, their friends and just keep it going, spread the word. Go Didsbury Dinners!
Stacy Duggins, Community gardening volunteer
I’ve enjoyed growing things and meeting new people, and getting to take home some free food. It’s been a good experience to do something different and to do things I haven’t had chance to before, so gardening and working on different projects. It’s all been really good.
Abi Sanders, Musician at Didsbury Food Trail 2012
I like how Didsbury Dinners has made Didsbury a better place to live by taking unused land and making it used for something very, very useful, which we can all enjoy, which is food available to the community that they can pick at any time, which is really, really great.
I like how they’ve got people together in Didsbury to talk about things like sustainable cookery because we all cook and we’d like to know how to cook good, really healthy food.
I’m really, really excited to be volunteering today, playing in a band. I really, really hope it adds to the event and to the atmosphere that Didsbury Dinners has created. I hope it makes people want to buy lots of books so that they can carry on doing some really great stuff.







Michelle Paz, Volunteer community cookery champion for Didsbury Dinners

I will definitely continue with the project. There’s loads that we can do in the community in terms of cooking your own food, growing your own vegetables. I also want to help in the community gardens to learn a little bit as well.

Jenny Gradwell, Volunteer community cookery champion for Didsbury Dinners
I didn’t used to know a lot about cooking at all. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years and I’d really like to be able to pass on some of the things that I’ve learned to people about cooking without meat, for example, and without dairy: about how to reduce their carbon footprint in terms of food. About how to resort less to takeaways or fast food, how to use less pre-packaged or processed food, and just to create really good meals for themselves and for their families at home. Really simple ingredients and great dinners.


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