Low-carbon recipes


Click here for recipes from our Didsbury Food Trail tea party at the Barlow Moor Road Community Garden!

Below are links to some of the recipes from Didsbury Dinners: The Low-Carbon Community Cookbook; the UK’s only low-carbon cookbook. We’ll release more recipes over the coming months, so do check back for updates.

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  1. Carrot, parsnip and ginger cake
  2. Crème brûlée
  3. Erika’s veggie niku-jaga
  4. Homemade pitta bread
  5. Potato, carrot and coriander soup
  6. Sticky toffee pudding
  7. Tony’s vegetable hot pot
  8. Vegetable jalfrezi


  1. Fruity oat bran loaf
  2. Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom pie


Until then, check out our stunning gallery of food photographs, all taken from Didsbury Dinners!