Fruity oat bran loaf


Dot Thomlinson, Parrs Wood Rural Studies Centre,

The Parrs Wood Rural Studies Centre is a four-acre oasis tucked away next to the Parrs Wood Leisure complex in East Didsbury. Within its grounds are a mixed woodland, meadow and pond, two orchards, fruit and herb gardens, a greenhouse with tropical plants and more. The orchards provide an abundance of fruit in the harvest season, which is preserved by expert jam makers from the Friends of Parrs Wood Rural Studies Centre Group. Jams and preserves are sold at fundraising open days.

“This is like a really moist tea loaf, and couldn’t be easier to make. Perfect for Sunday breakfast or for afternoon tea with some homemade raspberry or damson jam.”

Reproduced from Didsbury Dinners: The Low-Carbon Community Cookbook


Makes a 900g/2lb loaf

  • 280ml/175g/½ pint mug sultanas
  • 280ml/190g/½ pint mug demerara sugar
  • 280ml/100g/½ pint mug oats with bran
  • 280ml/½ pint mug soya, nut or oat milk
  • 280ml/190g/½ pint mug self-raising flour

    Place first four ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir well.

    Leave overnight for at least 2 hours.

    Mix in self-raising flour and stir well.

    Pour into a 2lb (900g) loaf tin.

    Place in preheated oven at 160°C/325°F/gas mark 3 for about an hour.

    Test by inserting a needle – if it comes out clean it is ready.

    If not, give it another 5 minutes or so cooking time.




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Food photography: © Chava Eichner