Wish you were here



Wish You Were Here is a nationwide anti-litter campaign focused on recording the kinds of litter we find.

1On 13 September 2014 we carried out one of the largest UK studies on branded litter. Much of this was quantitative research that took place on the day itself.

Each group that registered a clean up as part of UK Clean Up Day received a survey to record the different types – and brands – of litter found on the day. They then uploaded their findings to the Let’s do it! UK website.

The survey results will be pooled with existing data. They will form the basis of a lobbying campaign to encourage a major change in food packaging at the manufacturer level.

It’s not too late to join in with our research. Please use our Facebook and Twitter pages to tell your story. Share with us your photos of food-related litter – i.e. the crisp packets, coffee cups and takeaway packages that we see so frequently on our streets. Tell us how you feel about litter in your area. What motivates you to take clean-up action?

Wish You Were Here is an official partner of Eat Green (UK).


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